Inside Sales Management is that rare business book which addresses the most challenging situations that managers encounter, often on a daily basis. Whether it's helping salespeople outgrow their fears and need for approval, eliminating excuse-making, learning how to debrief effectively, using bottom-line interviewing techniques, bringing new hires up to speed quickly, win-win coaching - you'll find all these vital topics explored and explained with psychological insight and humor. In the second part of the book you'll learn sales psychology, from the points of view of managers, salespeople and even clients and prospects. You’ll learn how buyers and prospects think, evaluate and decide, all of which is vital to successful selling. The psychology of persuasion chapter will give you subtle insights into how to approach and guide every kind of personality in the buying process. Learn how to grow your sales team, your revenues and your reputation and satisfaction as a successful manager.

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Inside Sales Management is also a graduate level course in sales psychology that salespeople can use to reach the top of their profession more quickly. The real world examples, role-plays and exercises enliven the strategies and make this a dynamic reading experience.

Successful managers speak to the value of Wilensky’s book: